Dumbed-down, duped, degenerated doomed: Donald Trump, Dictatorship, Despotism, John Yoo, George Nader, Seung-Hui Cho, Dick Cheney, Li Cindy Yang, Yujing Zhang, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, John Bolton & “selling access”

the fumes of freedom. keep “dreaming” America, or are you waking at last?

The downward disintegration. Dumbed-down, duped, degenerated doomed?

Crisis, scandal, travesty, abrasion. Repeat.

Fraying of the fabric.

“Trumps Troops” in Portland.

I am awestruck that it/he has got this far, has survived & continues to abrade/ruin/virulate/toxify & wither. What does it take? Or more surreally, what does it not take?

its your turn to play the bad guy for a while buddy. “our people” will pick up the collateral whilst we wallow in the spoils. its win win! believe me!

Emboldened at every shocking indemnity, unrestrained & un-arraigned, the Pricktator, who always displayed alarmingly despotic hankerings & gravitas spurts & jolts out of control into fully fledged fascism in the unfurling of the authoritarian madman. The lack of consequences, the growing scope of blatant, ginormous, hulking, screaming giga-corruption & hardcore lawless criminal impunity, dick-waved by the increasingly unhinged idiot emperor is breaking all its surroundings & infecting everything.

씨팔 정신병 살인마 / 씨팔 개 또라이! John Yoo argues that the growing criminality & mega corruption of the Chump Disintegration is a restoration of “the powers of the presidency envisioned by framers of the constitution”. so the more we stray from it, the more we violate it, the more we actually embody it’s original & now grossly disparate meaning. i kill you to protect you etc.

reign of swamp. What lowliest of subterranean extremists will be plumbed from the darkest of depths by Dunce’s growing desperation & “nothing to lose” conditions? The latest freak to slime out of the political wilderness – bio-hazard – shadow swamp to assist the short-circuiting wretch in his melt-down-moment is the “torture memo lawyer” John Yoo. Yoo is the acutely infamous white-collar sociopath that helped justify & legally defend “enhanced interrogation techniques” & other torture policies unfolding in “black sites”, the diabolical Guantanamo Bay facility & specialist foreign detention centres under the Bush administrations atrocious War on Terror/Long War/Forever War. Yes, all those water-boarding, sensory deprivation, force feeding (not to mention those outsourced on “ghost planes” & “extraordinarily renditioned” to other colluding countries with more standard methods of direct, extreme violence & “conventional torture” methods at the Administrations behest) “cruel, inhumane or degrading” treatment & whoops! – another one died during interrogation/confinement. & as is now public knowledge, – so many of the abused & tortured “suspects” turned out to have no links/guilt to the terrorist activity/entities they had been ascribed & accused of.

John Yoo’s old tricks at Abu Ghraib. he is now advising Dunce on how to launch a full dictatorship on US soil.

Farcical, sick, depraved, evil, illegal, insane – aren’t you supposed to be in a super max or in a state cemetery after being executed for the highest & most reprehensible crimes within human capacity? Oh of course! It’s the U$, so there he is, patiently biding his psychopathy for the serendipitous moment when the nation sinks low enough to require his malevolence. Low & behold, Rump’s ever expanding criminality along with it’s direct collateral which is pushing that stupid country towards the apotheosis that was inevitable as soon as such an unimaginable candidate was – by some impossible stretch of all reason/decency & sanity – given the keys to the Shite House. Yoo has been consulting Rump on how to “rule by decree” & bypass & deviate from federal & even constitutional law by using “executive orders”. Thus constitutional pundits & human rights specialists have been recoiling in horror as plainclothes paramilitary agents/militia have been deployed in Portland. Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard was quoted in the Guardian admonishing that “this is how it begins” (outright dictatorship).


full circle. John Yoo’s Guantanamo Bay.

Meanwhile, Yoo is advising that “Even if Rump knew the scheme lacked legal authority, he could get away with it for the length of his presidency.”

a few weeks back, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that Rump’s fuck-buddy & fellow anus-eater Benjamin Netanyahu “can legally form a government while under criminal indictment for corruption.”

thus the criminals are drawn to presidential privilege/diplomatic immunity so that their crime wave can proceed with full immortality & political protection, aided by presidential tenure & all that encompasses this position.

the same man that devised & defended all this – is now advising Dunce. Jong Yoo is a serious threat to all Americans.

John Yoo had a “close relationship” with Dick Cheney’s orifice, sorry, office, & was one of the primary architects behind the argument that “war crimes” were not applicable & that “enemy combatants” had no human rights (or military “prisoners of war” rights) & could thus be tortured, maltreated without legal consequences or humanitarian defence. He also justified & argued in favour of the illegal mass state espionage or “warrantless wiretapping” on American citizens by their own intelligence services, once again under the Bush Administration.

Nice guy.

A parallel here with Rump & Cheney aides & advisors would be George Nader.

Nader worked extensively with Cheney. He later joined Rump’s ranks as an unofficial advisor & “fixer”, with close ties to Steve Bannon, Eric Prince (former CEO of commercial mercenary outfit Blackwater) & Jared Kushner. He is a recidivist child sex offender with multiple convictions, but none of that stopped Rump/Bannon/Kushner et al. He is essentially a fixer, lobbyist & power broker between Washington & the Middle East with particularly strong links to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon & Israel. A recent Wiki addition concludes – Nader has had several run-ins with the law over the years related to sexual abuse of children. He was convicted in the 1990s of transporting child pornography publications, and imprisoned in 2003 for sexually abusing ten boys in the Czech Republic. He pleaded guilty in early 2020 to flying a 14-year-old boy from Europe to the US for sex, and transporting pornography depicting child sexual abuse and bestiality.

George Nader with Benjamin Netanyahu. Nader has multiple convictions for child abuse charges. Netanyahu is currently being indicted for multiple corruption charges. one is in jail the other is in presidency.

Yoo is a Korean-American. His brain & morality were poisoned at Yale, an institution with a bad habit of spewing out abominations. Yoo reminds me of Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech high-school shooter. They have a lot in common, but I have far more respect for Cho, who did not dress in a suit & tie & fein being “one of the good guys” & did his own dirty work. Yoo exceeds all definitions of disgrace & depravity & is firmly in the realms of super sub-humanity.

i wanted to kill & torture people – so i joined the U$ government. John Yoo.
i wanted to kill people – so i shot up my university then killed myself. Seung-Hui Cho.

The deterioration & decline of Donald. After “surviving” his repellent, bent, appalling & overtly rigged impeachment trial (Rump & his odious Republican minions actually managed to obstruct most of the key witnesses to his crimes from providing evidence & testimony at the trial) with the explicit assistance of the ghastly Alan Dershowitz – a Jeffrey Epstein, Roy Cohn & Harvey Weinstein officiate – Rump expanded his “open anus criminality” in office even further.

got off guilty! Alan Dershowitz – specializing in helping super criminals avoid prosecution so they can go on to harm & rape society without consequences.

Russian shill Michael Flynn, the only Rump official to be charged in the Mueller investigation, who had actually already plead guilty, has had the criminal charges against him “dismissed” after DOJ intervention despite his recorded guilty plea. This extraordinary mutation, without parallel, was enacted after direct pressure from Rump. Referred to as a “gross abuse of power” “highly irregular conduct” & “clear evidence of gross abuse of prosecutorial power” to mention a few.

Total criminal take over.

The government’s ostensible grounds for seeking dismissal are conclusively disproven by its own briefs filed earlier in this very proceeding,” Gleeson wrote. “They contradict and ignore this court’s prior orders, which constitute law of the case. They are riddled with inexplicable and elementary errors of law and fact. And they depart from positions that the government has taken in other cases.”

plead guilty – got off! this shit is completely & utterly out of control! Michael Flynn.


Now, this is truly gone into out-&-out, rogue state, outlaw territory. These incomparable interventions, gaining momentum all the while, are totally unprecedented & are fully & significantly over the red line, & yeah, the red line motherfucker. This is breakdown, under the arch of dictatorship, the prologue to open tyranny & the criminalization of government & country. Full infestation proceedings. Over-spilling corruption. Flat-line.

& it gets worse…. Roger Stone, one of Washington’s worst ever, a squirming, squamous skank – still flush with the leakage of his personal tutor Roy Cohn – has had his already diminished, already inadequate conviction for multiple felonies “commuted” by “his friend” president Rump whom he has fostered a long & close relationship with (they were both giving blisters to Roy’s rent).“Roger Stone remains a convicted felon, and rightly so” stated an astonished Robert Mueller. “destructive of the criminal justice system and the rule of law” “This is what despots do: wield the law like a weapon to attack political opponents and protect loyal cronies. It’s a disgraceful, dark day for American democracy.” even Mitt Romney called it out as “unprecedented, historic corruption”.

Roger Stone with his beard.

Collapsing bowels. Just a gigantic vortex of crime & turbo-corruption, churning, spraying, crashing, roiling, heaving, sputtering…. the dawn of tyranny, a criminal coup, the ascent of anus & the full-blown excrementalization of office – total, absolute, utmost, 360 degree corruption climax. I saw it a million miles back…didn’t you?

Whatever happens from this point, however more need to be dragged into the same capitalization (& my goodness, there are many of them) one things for sure – the death penalty for Donald. No ifs, no buts, no nothing…. – THE DEATH PENALTY FOR DONALD!!! say it! scream it! scrawl it! THE DEATH PENALTY FOR DONALD!!!

this was a great book! it is rarely mentioned as it’s implications are so serious (& obvious). a larger version with even more contributors was also printed which i have of course read. we all knew it anyway, right?

Alex Acosta, Dunce’s labor secretary, simply resigned & vanished. The 2008 “secret” plea bargain & “illegal deal” that was not “lawful” that allowed Rump’s pal, cohort, fellow child-violator & billionaire sex-trafficker Jeffery Epstein to effectively “get away with it” & continue his reign of filth & misery, should have got that motherfucker on death row. But America is a corrupt, lawless failed-state run by mentally disturbed, subhuman child abusers, so Acosta is tucked away or running Nader’s export operations.

whore & mail-order …your slaves are stockpiled, but they are getting restless. the pigs pile into Portland to quell the liberation. bundling them in unmarked cars.

“The Dems” rounded on Chad Wolf, the foreseeable head of national security & urged him to quit, with one congressman ominously alerting that he is “”overseeing authoritarian abuses that betray our bedrock principles and would horrify our nations founders.”

in Portland “protestors are being stripped of their rights and being placed in unmarked cars by unidentifiable law enforcement.

sounds like “forced disappearances”

hello Belarus!

do you recall Homan Square? a secret “black site” on U$ soil – used against it’s own populace. completely illegal. sick. thoroughly & indefensibly despotic in nature.

But Rump has always bestowed heaping masturbation on the conspicuous dictator, busting his band with alarming alacrity & fawning at the likes of Abdel Al-Sisi, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Rodrigo Duterte, Narendra Modi, Malicious Bowel Syndrome & the Louse of Saud, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladmir Putin & even Saddam & the Husseins. That alone, was one of the most shrill & deafening warning calls that should never of been taken as weakly as it was….the shit-bag was openly extolling violent & murderous textbook dictators with obvious & zestful engorgement & relish.

mutual masturbation! Shit Face & Turd Brains get hot & emotional…. organized ignorance & strength in stupidity.

“When the looting starts the shooting starts” – Dunce Rump

Dunce has been looting his whole life!….from day one, off the bat, from the git! How the man has not been shot yet is literally beyond my understanding. Black magic.

right at home! Mike & the murderers. Yemen remains “the worlds worst humanitarian disaster” – but the arms keep exporting.

The Pricktator’s sick, squat, scrotal shit-scuttler Mike Pompeo was tainting the already fucked Benighted Kingdom with his hideous presence today. The waddling imperialist fuckwit was over to grope garbage & pass orders to this clapped-out isle of willing serfs & prime the way for our new “threat” & our new “enemy” for a new era of enhanced hostility & entirely avoidable mutual destruction. Now it is the Chinese! A resurrection of the “Yellow Peril”. Why? Because they are considered by Rump & the demons as “strategic competitors” & “economic aggressors”.

pork swords. Mike Pompeo.


Hows your amnesia? Rump clasped Xi Jinping close to his forked-tongue & lapped the mans grease early on in his shitting spree, praising the authoritarian yokel & securing a series of exceptionally uncouth business ventures in China for his dip-shit daughter Iwanka (days after reversing a ban on Chinese telecommunications firm ZTE, well what a coincidence).

squeeze my balls & shower me with cash -whats theirs is now yours…..$old!


Ally turned detractor – John Bolton – who was National Security Advisor in the Chump Disintegration before resigning over Trump’s criminal deeds, provided a series of heavily quoted disclosures on yet more of Rump’s coursing criminal overflow (Rump made the unsuccessful attempt to block the book from publication). These included Rump “pleading” with Xi to help him win a second term in office. Pleading to the Chinese, for their direct & covert assistance in an American election to help him win another stint in the Whitehouse. He also allegedly expressed direct approval for the racist mass internment “re-education camps” that Xi Jinping has orchestrated for millions of ethnic minority Uighur civilians.

the enemas aftermath – how could anybody, ever, no matter how desperate, have fallen for this fucking moron reprobate ignoramus lunatics rotting garbage, shit spin & cheap as dirt cons, trash talk & petty swindling. shame on you U$A.

& then, there is Li “Cindy” Yang (I won’t get into Yujing Zhang & her connected corruption). Cindy Yang is the dodgy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck “Chinese-American business-lady & Republican fundraiser” & a Rump cohort who ran a fucking massage parlour in Mar-a-Lago that was raided by the feds (she had many around Florida). “counter terrorism threats” “suspected Chinese espionage efforts” at Mar-a-Lago along with “prostitution” & “human trafficking” & “illegal entry” (into the US). There was also shocking allegations of Yang “selling access” to the president to wealthy Chinese clients, so Chinese criminals, “business” people & just as easily/inevitably – spies &/or government agents & actors. The case has somewhat disappeared (how convenient), but it needs serious resuscitation. If the surface is that bad, you can only imagine what is beneath it. What has happened to this investigation? Where has it gone?

There are so many wrong things that I don’t even know where to start.”


If so, and I stress if so, it illustrates the full-scale effort of professional espionage activities through state-owned enterprises and amateur ranks. It could very well be amateurs trying to collect info and then sell it back to the Chinese government.

the easiest infiltration ever! – Rump was too busy “grabbing em’ by the pussy”, snorting coke off under age ass & setting up dirty deals with foreign criminals to spot the spy…not that he cared. the FBI was left to clean up his reckless incontinence. Yujing Zhang.

Rump is a Chinese stooge. But then the man is anybodies stooge! He will turn a trick for anybody with the cash like a cheap prostitute. It is not so much an “open door” but an open anus – gaping, a yawning cavity & vastly accessible to anybody sick & twisted enough to want to go in there. A swampocracy.

Li Cindy Yang with the Rump Rapist….”selling access” to the president, raising funds for the Rapeublican party & running multiple massage parlours, prostitution rackets, sex trafficking & no doubt sexual blackmail operations. good company.
“selling access” – with more Chinese “businessmen” …open anus corruption. go on Cindy!
child sexual abuse and bestiality” – Donald Trump with his unofficial advisor George Nader. Nader has multiple convictions relating to the sexual abuse of underage boys & has recently been jailed (again). Nader was tight with Steve Bannon & was a lobbyist for Eric Prince who also “unofficially”advised Trump.
scum runners! Cindy Yang with Rump’s runts. pure, unrefined, uncut corruption. “selling access“.

Pompeo says that we cannot trust the Chinese technology as they may spy on us. The ex-CIA Director would know, as the The NSA unlawfully spied on millions of American civilians until it was uncovered & shamed into terminating these enormous illegal operations. Meanwhile, Israel’s horrificly sinister spyware firm, the NSO Group, has been surreptitiously selling advanced secret surveillance equipment & software to the words most oppressive regimes, despots, criminals & terrorists, including Saudi Arabia for goodness sakes. It has, & is, being used against human rights activists, journalists & legitimate politicians all over the world (thank you Israel). Luckily, they have been taken to court, by WhattsApp/Facebook for crying out loud. But of course, Pompeo & the Brits have nothing to say about this at all as its magical little Israel that can do no wrong & must never ever, under any circumstances be held to account for its overwhelming criminal outpouring & continuing desecration of law & decency.

once upon a time, not very long ago, the swamp was sweet. now the swamp is sour because the retard fell out with the Chinese.


its all just a huge adult-diaper of torturing, tyrannical, murderer, corrupt crony criminal cock-suckers! next in line Beelzebub will be making his personal debut as chief strategist & political helmsman to the Rump re-election effort. Every one of these bastards needs to be in the ICC!

“American Psycho” – John Yoo – 완벽한 반역자!

Ever expanding insanity – Trump remains “The Anus From Which All Excrement Exits”. Don’t you think it is way’ way’ way past time we turned this fucking horror movie off?

another “Yang Bang” with Chinese businessmen courtesy of madame Cindy.

with Chinese businessmen courtesy of madam Cindy.