Divide And Conquer-The Story of Roger Ailes (documentary):

Satan wept! What heinous hell-hole have we hazarded into?What subhuman range of extraordinary sickness, undulating pus & corruptive scum-trawl & human ruin at the basins rock-bottom extremities have we stumbled down?

I rape, therefore I scam

& why is Rupert Murdoch dead-centre in it, yet again?

Roger Ailes. The legendary “Republican king maker”, campaign strategist, chief executive of Fox News & media mordant. A larger than lard character who advised & consulted the likes of Nixon, Reagan, Bush senior & of course – “close friend” & fellow rapist – Donald Trump, helping them achieve electoral success.

Richard Nixon & Roger Ailes

A legitimate political consultant & campaign strategist specialist on the exterior, Ailes really excelled in the dishonourable & deceptive world of furtive flagrancy, hard subterfuge, black skulduggery & dirty power, which he exercised with great gusto.

Ronald Reagan taking directions from Roger Ailes

A little too much gusto though, as the girls would find out, as political perversion is almost always mirrored by a sexual perversion twin.

The CEO & Chairman in Rupert Murdoch’s corrupting, destabilising, social-terrorism shit-wash; the degenerate Fox News, Ailes forged the Fox feacal with his fellow copromancer & ruined American politics beyond all recognition along with chief pollutants Roy Cohn, Roger Stone, Arthur Finkelstein, Charles & David Koch & other shadowy, dirt-drenched entrysts & internal contaminators, for the sake of the lawless libertarian model that now presides over the garbage nation.

rapist to rapist

As Roger’s wife would sneer when the swarm of molestation & sexual assault allegations were erupting against Ailes – “Roger is more important than America!”.

Fellow rapist, serial sex offender, paedophile & incestuous abuser Donald Trump set this example into action when he abruptly assassinated Qassem Suleimani in a drone strike to distract from the raging scandal of Trump’s extramarital sexual liaison with porn star Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels) & her subsequent paid gagging & personal intimidation.

“America last”.

Divide and Conquer (trailer)

War before facing the law.

This documentary amazingly deconstructs the folly, farce & falsity behind these insane, damaged & dangerous arch-deceivers & the kind of twisted, deformed & supremely dishonest structures & systems that they erect to protect their offending, facade, & their own skin, at the expense of anything else! anything!

even the lawyers/crisis management & PR specialists thought it was too toxic.

I wonder if the ultimate “kick” for them is being something that is so completely & totally opposed/opposite to what you continually rail about publicly & claim to represent & strive for. Doing the exact opposite, being the exact opposite, but getting away with it & getting away with it whilst accusing others or expounding “moral” virtues against the very vices you continually enact, enjoy & embody.

“Roger is more important than America!”

Hypocrisy & falsehood on a scale that is literally too mutated to even gauge.

Ailes was a sick fuck. But he is remembered as “a patriot” by the cultists at Fox News. Well, some of them. A lot of female workers at Fox came forward with a withering account of his repulsive & appalling sexual offending.

Tellingly, Ailes contacted Trump to “advise” him on how to deal with the downpour, & the turd was more than happy to assist his pal & defend him publicly .. “terrific guy”. It did not help. Nor did the efforts of sociopathic shit-scrape Alan Dershowitz.

“You´re my whore”. You´re my sex-slave”. Roger & Rupert ….. filth & vermin.

The girls stood strong & drove the heel into this sick, repellent, nauseating bastard, & finished the shit off but good, forcing his intensely ignominious departure from the toxic Fox News citadel.

Rupert Turdcoch came out in defence of Aisles, who could only of thrived in such impunity with the blessing & protection of his copromancy.

What is it with Rupert & rapsist? Jimmy Savile, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump, & perhaps most extraordinarily – the unanimously convicted paedophile bishop George Pell.

another of Rupert´s “protectorates” … the disgraced Vatican treasurer & paedophile Cardinal George Pell. Murdoch got him off.

Less than a year after Ailes was eventually forced out (Murdoch paid $20million to victim Gretchen Carlson alone), it was star Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s turn. He would also eventually be forced out, with Rupert Murdoch paying out $32m for his offending.

Then came further allegations, of a “culture” at Fox News that was described as a “sex-fueled playboy mansion like cult” as more victims came forward with further sexual abuse & professional misconduct allegations against Murdoch’s “sex-cult” organisation.

placed on a “no hire list” for refusing to fuck “the king maker” & his friends

Rupert Murdoch has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements. the last accounted for figure regarding this specific scandal (there are plenty more expensive settlement scandals dogging the criminal Murdoch) was $163 million, but the exact figure is unknown, as many of the “settlements require NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements).

incredible contributions come from former Fox News superstar Gelnn Beck.

Murdoch is also still paying out hundreds of millions to “settle” illegal phone hacking/spying/espionage/illicit surveillance intrusions in the UK.

Murdoch was forced to pay “more millions” over the hacking/blackmail scandal & subsequent Leveson Enquiry. The disgraced media tycoon, spy, criminal & blackmailer was also forced to close his tabloid disease rag The News of the World as a result of his widespread criminal activity.


he avoided jail, complete liquidation of his business & media empire, plus a lifelong ban only because Britain & the Conservative party are corrupt as fuck & controversially let him off (also a criminal act).

Rupert Murdoch with Roy Cohn

A second Leveson Enquiry, examining the rot between Murdoch & the police (that will include the murdered investigator Daniel Morgan), was disgracefully delayed by David Cameron, then dropped (perverting the course of justice, maladministration, corruption, abuse of office) by the Conservative MP Matt Hancock under Boris Johnson’s shit-shower government.

as long as Murdoch & his organs are active, you are acutely unsafe & heading terminally downwards.

It is that simple.

$163 million + of “nonsense” … fuck this despicacable, evil, vile, lying shit of a man.

Murdoch’s “dismissal” of the whole disgusting debacle as “nonsense” & “politically motivated” by the left is absolutely worth watching, & confirms the kind of cancer that this odious & detestable freak & fink is.

But this is a man that hacks the phone of murdered teenage girls & protects, supports & even frees convicted paedophile priests.

stars of the show. Ailes & O´Reilly of Fox News. within the space of a year, both had been removed from the company for rampant sexual offences within Murdoch´s news rooms. the third sexual predator went into the White House.

Roger Ailes rampant sexual criminality – in conjunction with his equally abhorrent, poisonous political dreek, ideological nihilism, storming corruption, & knaves quest for degradation – is yet another alarming indicator of how badly the world suffers for tolerating such dangerous & sick atrociphiles & allowing them to consolidate & infect the world through their chosen institutions.

I still have a president to pick

Alexis Bloom, 2018, Magnolia Pictures