Dark Money-How a secretive group of billionaires is trying to buy political control in the US (Jane Mayer):

Behind the street theater was some of the countries wealthiest businessmen who had painstakingly been trying to build up the “counter-establishment” since the 1970s and now saw the publics unrest as an amazing opportunity to at long last mobilise popular support for their own agendas.

In today’s sewage stream of international politics, there are a crop of actors & emerging stereotypes that are so removed from the role (& it’s not like it is not already challenged) that they seem more like some kind of business recruit, sales person or “dealer”, quite possibly conducting themselves like an acted advertisement or bad quality television commercial.

Liz Truss

They’re not even really politicians, but entrysts, – disguised & masquerading, sleeper-operative, corporate raiders – working for extractive, exploitative & extortionist extreme short-term interests, corporate absolutism & tyrannical free market fundamentalism.

They are servants, vassals, apostles, minions, utilities of their masters miasma … familiars or spawn.
By & large (some new – even more extreme – strains are starting to emerge), it is always delivered or presented by the same trinity – privatization, financialization & deregulation.

Robert & Rebekah Mercer

When oligarchs control the levers of government, they get the spoils. It’s litigated through tax policy.

“critical to the Nazi war effort”

There is a broad gauge of language that is used to describe & define the individuals, behaviour, ideology & psychology of these actors & their intentions – be it libertarians, neoconservatives, neoliberals, death cultists, psychopaths, sociopaths, nihilists, the criminally insane, transnational criminal groups/organised crime/white collar criminals, terrorists, social murderers, corporatists &/or corporate extremists & extinction advocates to name a few.

Theresa Coffey

But what is painfully apparent is that the ideology & the individuals operating on it’s behalf are fanatics, fundamentalists & extremists of the most enormous & unsound persuasion.
I think that needs to be the baseline denomination, followed by pretty much every single criminal definition & action ever devised or seen – as these “zealots” employ, readily & wholeheartedly enact, & embrace every ilk of criminal/harmful/wrongful activity to fulfil profit & expansion.
From poisoning a water source, to dropping a nuclear bomb, to waging war on a country, to willingly & consciously destroying/imperilling an entire planet, no body count, no death rate, no suffering ratio, no inhumanity, no atrocity is too much.
Almost as bad as the “physical harm”, mass murder, genocide & extinction, misery & large scale suffering they blithely inflict, consistently, at scale, – is the indescribable & immeasurable duplicity, sanctimony, deception, dishonesty, casuistry, fraudulence, falsehood, subterfuge, treachery, betrayal, corruption & perversion, dishonour & inhumanity that is used to grease & guise the entire monstrosity.

Liam Fox

“ – tax-exempt nonprofit groups, flush with unlimited contributions from the country’s richest donors, spent more than $1 billion to influence federal elections.

The other principle identification we must attribute to this unsurpassed global menace is the utmost, primary & unrivalled element of threat, danger & imperilment.
It cannot be over exaggerated or confirmed with more certainty & urgency.
All concomitant hazards pale in comparison & are merely “currency & collateral” that are actively deployed, utilised, solicited & colluded with by “the doctrine” in all manner of manipulations both direct & deniable.
The eternal expansionist extremism, absolutist treachery & supremacist immorality & nihilism of “the agent” means that no group, even those explicitly protected, is ever permanently safe or immune … it will turn on all, as it is naturally cannibalistic, overly reckless & without any restraint or limitation. Eventually, one way or the other, everything goes into the meat grinder or morass.
The definition “enemy”, in all it’s attributable enormity, must also be crystal clear here & applied in full.
Again, crawl through the worst the world has to offer, from ISIS, to the Nazis, to any terrorist, narco or criminal consortium from history – none pose the kind of threat & actual damage ratio of “the ideology” in question. None.

Who is pushing this? Who is funding this? Who is optimising this? Who is scripting this? Who is perfecting this? Who is implementing this?

If the ‘1 percent’ wanted to win control of America, they needed to rebrand themselves as champions of the other ’99 percent.’”

Peter Thiel

In the gehenna of infamy, Rebekah & Robert Mercer, Rupert & Lachlan Murdoch, Bill Gates, Charles Koch & Peter Thiel are particularly pernicious contributors & authors of atrocity.

Dominic Cummings

Brexit was an apogee of “the movements” engineering & efforts.
It is the perfect “permanent wound” that can justify any adaption, increase, reduction, disruption or permutation of the familiar abusive measures on a never ending escalation to extinction or “hell on earth” scenario.
The “floor staff” of this insidious malignancy running covert “inside demolition & subversion jobs” on it’s bidding are the likes of Liz Truss, Liam Fox, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Dominic Cummings, Theresa Coffey & the double “brown nazi” tag-team – Priti “Lady Haw-Haw” Patel & Suella Braverman.
Although the current contortion of the Tory Party possesses a blight of staggeringly corrupt & criminal subhuman shit-shifters, it is really the aforementioned who directly & consciously serve the sarin of the U$A Koch-Thiel-Murdoch-Mercer death juggernaught along with their Saudi & Israeli co-offenders (not that that in any way let’s the other coconspirators off-the-hook).

The Kochs never did play by the rules. They had their own playing field. They just didn’t abide by anything. Not the EPA or anything else. They constantly polluted. If they got fined, it didn’t matter, because they made so much money doing it.” – Phil Dubose, ex-Koch Industries manager

Suella Braverman

This is the biggest threat the world, our species, & life as a whole face in the present time, & it is directly responsible for the acceleration of all combined threats, from climate collapse, to nuclear war, to world war, to fascism, severe disease outbreak, major contamination, to every other atrocity, doom, catastrophe & mode of extinction & ailment you can think of.
They are the single strongest proponent, source & accelerant. period.

& most of the time they are invisible to most.
That very invisibility is achieved & maintained with the utmost dedication, & a policy of “corrupting everything”.

What they want is to get their own way. They call themselves Libertarians. For lack of a better word, what it means is that if you’re big enough to get away with it, you can get away with it. No government. If it’s good for their business, they think it’s good for America. What it means for the country, is it would release the dogs. The little people? They’d get gobbled up.” – Phil Dubose, former Koch Industries manager (26 years)

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Enter Jane Mayer.
She has performed one of the greatest journalistic achievements of the century with this invaluable, epic, & standout scribe of trenchant & incisive investigative documentation.
It is just astonishing.
A dam buster.
It is difficult to do it justice.
Your better off reading it, & yes! It most certainly concerns you. We are all in the cross-hairs of these maniacs, regardless of any circumstances.
If you want to penetrate to the core of contemporary corruption & crisis – here it is, & here’s who is behind it’s vanguard.

Priti “Lady Haw-Haw” Patel

“ – Looking back many years later, O’Connell said she regarded the Kochs as ‘dangerous’ and still felt uncomfortable talking about them.” – “They lie about everything, and they get away with it because they’re a private company.” – “They obstructed every step of discovery. It was always ‘I didn’t do it,’ ‘It’s not our oil,’ ‘It’s not our pipes.’ You can’t believe anything they say. They definitely don’t play the game the way the other companies do,” – Angela O’Connell, lead federal prosecutor in one of the many criminal court cases against Koch Industries.

serious exposure

Charles Koch, one of the most secretive & most harmful perps of them all, & a man (along with his brother David) who has performed such a pivotal role in cultivating our current crisis & corrupt-calamitous death-spiral, is given relentless magnification & scrutiny.
His inherited family fortune (the Koch brothers were in no way whatsoever “self made” men) acquired from their father Fred Koch came from profits generated from giant business ventures with both Joseph Stalin’s Russia & Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.
Yes! That’s right, very literally.
I had heard this before but never seized the exact proof or solid verification.
Jane Mayer has located it all & details the full-scale of it all right here.

Is this surprising? That an obscenity like Koch Industries, the Cato Institute & American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was nourished on Stalin’s Russia & Hitler’s war-time Germany?
“Apt” is the word I believe.

Charles Koch

Find out exactly how & who is fucking your world, survival prospects, & living standards, with the most concerted & calculated annihilation of vital components, freedoms, tenets, necessities, fundamentals, morals & ethics & liveable conditions & environs on some kind of insane glorification of extermination & waste.
The anti-life!

Rupert Murdoch with David Koch

Along with Democracy in Chains (Nancy MacLean), Kochland (Christopher Loenard), Dark Commerce (Louise I. Shelley), Murdoch’s Politics (David McKnight), The Contrarian (Max Chafkin) & selected writings from the anti-corruption specialist Sarah Chayes, this is the best, most accurate, most explanatory & revealing study of this singular threat to human/planetary survival & the shadow play that is enacted to secretely implement this undoing.

Jane Mayer, 2016, Scribe, 378 pages