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Dark Throne Is Dead-fukk Norway cassette:

The quaintest of all crude. 85 tracks (in less than eight & a half minutes) of tatty, drossed-out, trash, mishap lampoon. Garbage scuzz BM with an aluminum drum-machine on permanent blast-patrol & gibberish, indiscernible vocal blather. Funny. Endearing. Dumb as fuck. Very little information divulged & the classic ‘no contact’ (not ‘stated’ here but simply absent) statement. Continue reading Dark Throne Is Dead-fukk Norway cassette:

Facialmess/Nyctalops-split CD:

A crisp cuff round the cortex from two major Stentorians. Beginning with Facial Mess (that’s Kenny Sanderson, a British dude from Serpentis upon Anvix that fucked-off to Nippon in the 90’s to join the Japanoise joust), who roll forth three hulks of progressive metal-work antiphonics & quality electronics. Variation, space, frequency, post-session editing & what would appear to be no compulsion to simply churn out restrictively aggressive destruction (he has done enough of that) results in this extremely tired genres enlarged & reinvigorated horizon. Continue reading Facialmess/Nyctalops-split CD:

The Punishment Of Virtue-inside Afghanistan after the Taliban (Sarah Chayes):

“I wound up briefing the Twenty-fifth by the way of coincidence. No concerted effort was being made to educate the army about the radically new duties that had been thrust upon it. with $178 billion in defense authorizations in 2004, almost nothing was earmarked for the acquisition of knowledge about the place where the troops where the troops would be investing the next year of their lives—about its languages, its history or culture, about what was currently at stake there. None of the GIs I talked to out at the base in Kandahar had received such training.”    Continue reading The Punishment Of Virtue-inside Afghanistan after the Taliban (Sarah Chayes):

Karen Finley-the truth is hard to swallow/tales of taboo LP’s:

Karen Finley-the truth is hard to swallow LP:

Good grief! What do you know about Karen Finley? So my precision on the exact historical account will be straight scabrous, but Karen was (& may well still be) an arch nutty bitch from Chicago who took a penchant to shall we say “insalubrious” & histrionic performance art. Somewhere in the 70’s or 80’s she shifted to California before eventuating in New York. My reference is her records & not her performance art, which I have never witnessed nor studied. This particular emesis episode, the Truth is Hard to Swallow, is from 1987. Now, Karen really is a wing-nut! Her theme is basically stupid, hyper crude, ridiculously explicit, amateur, screamy, tattered & badly misshapen-rap styled hysteria, cobbled into strings of grossly swollen, tangential & thoroughly nonsensical Tourettes. Continue reading Karen Finley-the truth is hard to swallow/tales of taboo LP’s:

Swut Jerziz! –aka- Erst-while Antrum 20:

The largest fudge-center in the ‘though shalt not eat’ section (with added forbidden imprest)! The sacred sponge of cultist mana – Erst-While Antrum retches-out the latest edition Swut Jerziz! – With Praying For Oblivion, Kylie Minoise, Nyctalops projecting sticky stridulatory strop harangue & “Harshest of hectoring’s”, ritual-narcotic black-magus cyber-Noise Continue reading Swut Jerziz! –aka- Erst-while Antrum 20:

Zero Days-DVD:

The Stuxnet virus. A super advanced piece of malware, developed by the US & Israel & launched covertly on the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant, Iran, in 2011 (or there abouts) as the world’s first major “cyber attack” by a nation state (apparently the Israelis went ahead without consent/approval/full knowledge from the Americans). This slick, engrossing, utterly alarming & excellent doc from experienced director (responsible for 2006’s marvelous ‘Enron-the smartest guys in the room’) Alex Gibney, covers the lead-up to the attack, it’s event, the aftermath & the new state of vulnerability in the world (especially it’s more developed/densely industrialized regions), all in stunning detail & immaculate assembly. Continue reading Zero Days-DVD:

Killswitch-the battle to control the internet DVD:

Net Neutrality. Hacktivism. Covert, non-consensual mass surveillance. Big Data/data hording. Information oligopolies/corporate monopolization. The subversion of the internet from a progressive, free, disaggregated, multivalent, creative medium to a commercialized, increasingly corporate, bias & corruptible doppelganger that shits on the founding principles & utilities. Continue reading Killswitch-the battle to control the internet DVD:

The Afternoon Gentlemen-s/t 12”LP:

Grindcore! This once formidable genre has been gutted by over commercialization, saturation- stockpiling & a failure to intensify or expand beyond watered-down versions of the same old shit (possibly with added toss n’ gloss so it’s more marketable to the metal fan-base). This crew of White Lightening mendicants have a little something else to offer, with a deeply personalized concoction of erratic Grindcore infused with Power Violence, Hardcore & even a little Extreme Metal & Punk influenza. Continue reading The Afternoon Gentlemen-s/t 12”LP:

What The Health-DVD:

Good god! Kip Anderson & Keegan Kuhn, who produced the staggering Cowspiracy documentary, return with a massively expansive delve into Big Pharma’s colossal collusion with the triggers & instigators of chronic disease (the biggest offender being diabetes). Under the auspices of the US government & food standards directives, citizens are coerced & conned into consuming the very substances that are driving them to ever greater rates of casualty, illness & disease through appalling ubiquity, convenience & wrongful recommendation. Continue reading What The Health-DVD: