The Riot Club-film:

Toffs on the rampage. Based on the play ‘Posh’ by Laura Wade, that I believe is staged (at least in sections) on real life events concerning the Bullingdon Club (renamed here as the Riot Club). Drama & dramatization aside, this is a very’ very important subject that rarely undergoes public attention. The Bullingdon Club is of course a ‘gang’ of Etonians as a semi-secret society that celebrate destructive, excessive, class-based criminality & chronic decadence. this included Boris Johnson, David Cameron & George Osbourne, who are depicted “semi-covertly (wink-wink) in major rolls within the film. Continue reading The Riot Club-film:

Kikanju Baku-Luke Stewart-Chris Pitsiokos, Concussion Projectile trio, “the Serpent Devouring the Banker” & additional ordinance:

(MP3 EP zip downloadable at the bottom of article) –

Spontaneity, vim & adventurism. Now that’s a good start. Ethnicity Against the Error (record label run by yours unruly) in conjunction with Gosh Glut Godatsu Disruptions (some new shit I coined to rend London a new set of blush-lapels unt further fervency) induced a fresh offensive by slap-dash/flash-mob/blink-of-eye/whim-whack with two of the finest young up-starts from over the pond – New Yorx youngsta’ flamebellower Chris Pitsiokos (saxophone, electronics, percussion) & DC embedded bass-sentinel Luke Stewart (electric bass, stand-up bass, electronics, percussion) & me – Baku-Blacclist the heterodox hierophant (drums, bass/cello, lutes). Continue reading Kikanju Baku-Luke Stewart-Chris Pitsiokos, Concussion Projectile trio, “the Serpent Devouring the Banker” & additional ordinance:

Hiroshima-John Hersey:

Well worth remembering. Hiroshima. August 6th, 1945. The USA becomes the first (& still only) country to use a nuclear weapon against a civilian populace (it’s not like you can choose who you vaporize with these things). This very important short book (98 pages) was penned by John Hersey (appearing at first in the New Yorker in 1946), following six victims accounts of the bombing & the immediate aftermath that ensued. It’s a particularly poignant read now, considering the perilous idiocy, doom baying & extinctionocidal misrule being raced forward from the Chump administration & the Blight House. Continue reading Hiroshima-John Hersey:

Rodenticide-s/t LP:

Oh wonderful! No! Truly! Sophisticated garbage core, prose in putrefaction. sounds like Shitnoise come cruddy Noisecore with improvised Jazz conjunction (blasty, random, tangential drums from Chris Pitsiokos), bad Albert Ayler antiphonics (cheap reads abuse from Isaiah Richardson ) & scratty ill-incongruence discord on guitar & bass courtesy of a Mr. Richard Lenz (reminiscent of Sharrock shred in some instances). Insalubrious, unpalatable, perturbed, unstable, badly besmirched. Continue reading Rodenticide-s/t LP:

MonoNeon-selfie quickie 2wooo & welcome to whatever the fyuck EP’s:

A young electric bass virtuoso from Memphis – extraordinary chops/hyper lumber.. the name? Dwayne Thomas Jr aka MonoNeon! dry roasting big batches of fissiparous Funk & fusoid Hip-Hop lampoon. Lashings of sumptuously nimble bass-slapping, without shame nor restraint. Majorly awed by Funkadelic, Michael (Fuckin’) Henderson & Prince (MonoNeon was one of the last musicians to collaborate with Prince before the fatal dose) – it has a very specialized retro mannerism & attention to phonetics (larders heaving with Herbie Hancock style synths from the 70’s era) Continue reading MonoNeon-selfie quickie 2wooo & welcome to whatever the fyuck EP’s:

Gasland part 2 ( Josh Fox documentary DVD):

Seminal! – in the absolute truest sense of the term. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century, as well as one of it’s greatest conspiracies (still very much playing out). Engineered & pioneered by? yep! – USA (a spot of dejavu in cases of catastrophic new technology & its integration into either market or military appliance). This supreme two hours & five minutes documentary remains one of the most definitive pieces of media/information on the fracking catastrophe. Continue reading Gasland part 2 ( Josh Fox documentary DVD):

Shitnoise Bastards-this is a threat EP cassette:

Oh! A wonderful triple crack in the cranium here. Presumably a two-piece (I write this half-blind, with only the physical tape for details & no internet access) of garbage-spew trash-Noisecore with vicious hysterical Blurcore tendencies. It’s billed as “Shitnoise” (or at least the band’s name opts for this indication) but it’s too fierce & too well recorded (in a Tascam over trash way! still weeping-wound lo-fi scuzz, don’t worry). Continue reading Shitnoise Bastards-this is a threat EP cassette:

Dark Throne Is Dead-fukk Norway cassette:

The quaintest of all crude. 85 tracks (in less than eight & a half minutes) of tatty, drossed-out, trash, mishap lampoon. Garbage scuzz BM with an aluminum drum-machine on permanent blast-patrol & gibberish, indiscernible vocal blather. Funny. Endearing. Dumb as fuck. Very little information divulged & the classic ‘no contact’ (not ‘stated’ here but simply absent) statement. Continue reading Dark Throne Is Dead-fukk Norway cassette:

Facialmess/Nyctalops-split CD:

A crisp cuff round the cortex from two major Stentorians. Beginning with Facial Mess (that’s Kenny Sanderson, a British dude from Serpentis upon Anvix that fucked-off to Nippon in the 90’s to join the Japanoise joust), who roll forth three hulks of progressive metal-work antiphonics & quality electronics. Variation, space, frequency, post-session editing & what would appear to be no compulsion to simply churn out restrictively aggressive destruction (he has done enough of that) results in this extremely tired genres enlarged & reinvigorated horizon. Continue reading Facialmess/Nyctalops-split CD: