Done-the secret deals that our changing our world (Jacques Peretti):

A staggering debut from the ferociously formidable investigative journalist & renegade economist Jacques Peretti. Peretti levels a kind of scatter-gun, all encompassing, encyclopedic approach to the current tech-corporate-surveillance dystopia/extinction-ear-mark by delving with utmost diligence into the center of these unfolding horrors (most of which will have probably escaped the publics recognition entirely or but with the faintest adumbration). Continue reading Done-the secret deals that our changing our world (Jacques Peretti):

If A Tree Falls-a story of the Earth Liberation Front DVD:

Enormously important if somewhat shoddily composed (from a constructive perspective) documentary from Marshall Curry that surfeitly redeems all it’s shortcomings by the looming brilliance of it’s better footage/moments & off the basis of the central subject itself. It covers one of the greatest movements of modern America – the Earth Liberation Front or ELF, a group of ecological activists that took direct action (most notably in large-scale commercial property destruction) against corporate targets with a strict abstinence from the use of violence or infliction of any physical injury. Continue reading If A Tree Falls-a story of the Earth Liberation Front DVD:

Stanley Greene 1949-2017:

Stanley Greene

Veteran war photographer Stanley Greene passed recently. He made a permanent impression on me with his stark & bracing book Open Wound-Chechnya 1994 to 2003 (Trolley). Heavy shit. His photojournalism for this effort was also joined by writings from Andre Glucksmann & Christian Caujolle. It’s the only large scale photographic work I managed to determine/obtain on Chechnya’s wars (there may well be more in print now that escape my knowledge?). About two thirds of the book is in monochrome, presumably a prism that Greene felt was apt (& you can see why). Continue reading Stanley Greene 1949-2017:

Okishima Island Tourist Association-penance room séance (cassette):

Ok, so it’s Glass & Cummings again (that being of most notability – Kylie Minoise & Grimalkin555), this time in the apparition of Okishima Island Tourist Association, a difficult one to encapsulate but something along the scales of a varied, outward-trekking Avant-Noise-Industrial-Drone amalgam heavily laden with both experimentalism but equally experienced expertise. Continue reading Okishima Island Tourist Association-penance room séance (cassette):

D’Kat-A device attached to the system is not functioning properly LP:

Fuckin’A! scruffy, swollen-quirk, idiosyncratic mischief-studded ratty & erratic Breakcore prime from some obscure quiet-pioneer who was gone in a flash (probably a guy called Tom Everson if I am not off the trove entirely?!). Actually, this is one of my favorite Breakcore LP’s from the pantry (toe-curled in 2003). It’s very frivolous, playful & scatter-brained with a kind of cobbled, stapled & sawn, skip-rummaged “I don’t give a fuck if this sounds like junk” comportment, & yet, underneath the garbage bags is a keen adeptness yanking the strings. Continue reading D’Kat-A device attached to the system is not functioning properly LP:

The Rise of the Robots-technology and the threat of mass unemployment (Martin Ford)

An excellent, expansive & very well researched forewarning & investigation into an area that promises to develop into yet another mega crisis, source of survival contestation & immense peril (as if we didn’t already have enough severe threats to be consternated by) – automation, robots & specifically artificial intelligence. Whilst the First World populace is atrophying into an alternative sub-species bereft of Homo sapiens core-qualities & capabilities & also struggling to uphold the remnants of their deteriorating humanness & advanced sentience, the “market” thinks it an appropriate occasion to introduce robots to further isolate, impair & discombobulate the ailing species engineered decline & dysfunction. Continue reading The Rise of the Robots-technology and the threat of mass unemployment (Martin Ford)


One of the grimmest & most despicable subjects is granted one of the most stellar documentations from US director Ava DuVernay. 13th (a reference to the 13th Amendment which prohibits slavery, unless of course you’re a – convicted “criminal”, which then makes it apparently just fine) examines the USA’s screamingly-obscene prison industrial complex (the commercialization, cultivation & profiteering from mass incarceration by private companies & conglomerates) & the racism/racially prejudiced appendage that targets a grossly disproportionate demographic of black & latino people. Continue reading 13th

John Abercrombie 1944-2017:

You know this cat right? I don’t even need to tell you? John Abercrombie was one helluva’ guitarist & band leader. during the 70’s, Abercrombie began to lead the exceptional Gateway trio with Dave Holland on double-bass & Jack Dejohnette shedding splinters. This culminated in two brilliant albums – 75’s Gateway & 78’s Gateway 2. They were both preceded by Timeless from 74, which encompassed Jan Hammer on keys rather than Holland. The overture track on Timeless, “Lungs”, has a ferocious tempo prompting Jack to expel some of the fastest Turbo Swing you will hear him dispense in his career (perhaps being rivaled only by his “Song X” LP with Ornette Coleman & Pat Metheny from 85). It also features a fantastic gracile exchange between John & Jan, all whilst belting through a cloud scape at terminal velocity. Continue reading John Abercrombie 1944-2017:

Cowspiracy-the sustainability secret DVD:

Still one of the best documentaries about if you ask moi! In terms of sheer exposure of subject but also for it’s multidimensional disclosures that almost infer multiple documentaries (with concomitant but differing focus) condensed into one single picture. There’s nothing vague about the results either & the factual revelations & statistical figures (not to mention that so many of those figures come inadvertently from those that would rather you didn’t know) are overwhelming & resoundingly rock-solid (it’s the kind of indisputable expertise that will proselytize many nay-sayers/opposition-figures even). Continue reading Cowspiracy-the sustainability secret DVD:

Starsha Lee – live at Flaxonptootch:

the enclosed space made the livid licentious lashing an even bigger stiletto in tha spuds!!!

Sometimes, a brisk jog results in a cross-bow bolt in the testicles! Last Thursday had them streaking like lightening quarrels with casualties a plenty. At the Flaxonptootch, a very fine venue with more personality & unorthodox cred than ya’ average, London based four-piece goon gang Starsha Lee disembogued a schema of Grunge, Rock, Punk & Metal melange bound together with a decent smattering of distortion clog. The icing on the road-kill is really the vocalist & front-woman – a tornado of chattering, utterly exasperated, rapid high-pitched shriek that are both hilarious & perturbing. Continue reading Starsha Lee – live at Flaxonptootch: