How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (Josh Fox)

This is the most recent addition from environmental activist & documentary maker Josh Fox following his impossibly important & phenomenal Gaslands & greater still – Gaslands 2, a Fracking documentary of staggering trenchant clarity & devastating factual exposure. Climate Extinction or Disastrous Climatic Shifting (“climate change” is a political euphemism of staggering inadequacy that does not capture what is unfolding & impending) Continue reading How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (Josh Fox)

Exit the Illusionist:

constantly out-thinking pursuers – DB

Ok, so major news delivered by belated trajectory! In 2015, the historic Industrial-Noise-Electronics savant Illusion Of Safety was permanently dissolved by it’s core exponent – Dan Burke! that’s over thirty years of dedicated, proliferous morphism, sleight-of-sound & profundity rolled into the casket…without adequate explanation (I could not extract any cogent/definitive reason for this drastic decision from the man himself). I am unaware of the precise timing Continue reading Exit the Illusionist:

Mou Mac:

cuff any bitch that f*** wit my threads!

Exit an extrovert! A little more quietly than I would of liked, Alphonse Mouzon drop-kicked the bucket the other day. Mouzon was one of the best & most quintessential of the 70’s “Power Drummers” who vied for the Fusion throne with peers Michael Nerada Walden, Billy Cobham & Tony Williams. He played with Fusion mega-group of sorts Eleventh House along with electric guitarist Larry Coryell, a patchy as fuck but occasionally excellent & exhilarating collective that seem to be both simultaneously Continue reading Mou Mac:

Anodyne/Napalm-Pocket Monster Remixes 7”EP:


Released in 2000 by almost definitely now defunct/deactivated left field Berlin based label Lux Nigra, who specialized in Electro/IDM/Techno related miscellany & felony. If I am not mistaken, these “Pocket Monster Remix” EP’s were a series, but this is the only edition my mitts got their mandibles on. Two candidates saunter-up, Anodyne on side-A, who are great, & Napalm (not the Czech Noise vet “Napalmed”) on the B-side. Continue reading Anodyne/Napalm-Pocket Monster Remixes 7”EP:

Schperrung- ДП CDR:

More from those rogue Ukrainskies! This time in the apparition of Industrial Noise & harsh Noise-Distortion-Rock from Donetsk region, via Kiev & all the way across the Baltic dips! This is a one-man crusade from Ilja Bilga, utilizing vocals (no lyrics, just gibber), raw analogue Noise & brash, horrisonant guitar work. It begins with the gentle lapping of water (apparently sourced from a hydroelectric power plant) before stumbling into unpleasant Industrial irk with half-risible & half-harrowing wales from some chernigiv fugitive washed out of a storm-drain after being savaged by a berehynia. Continue reading Schperrung- ДП CDR:

Monumentally Retarded-the burping turds retrospective compilation! CD:

Hilarious big blotch of shite here! 58 tracks at 73 minutes of uniquely US Retardcore & sub-genre shenanigans, like – hissing cassette recorder Spate/sample composites (many from day time TV oblivion) ultra Trash Noise, Garbage Punk/Hardcore/Fastcore/Grind, distortion dross, Gaycore, As Shit As Possible-core, Shitnoise, lo-fi junky moronic malfunctioning tomfoolery, bilge japes & jokes by the gallons, Refuse Rock, scavenged stupor dumpster flea-market swap-meet hijinkery. Continue reading Monumentally Retarded-the burping turds retrospective compilation! CD:

Manufactured Landscapes:

Here’s one to shock, stun & suplex the senses in a continents worth of rubble & refuse. The core on this occasion is China’s “utterly unprecedented” urbanization extravaganza as captured by esteemed photographic artist Edward Burtynsky & director by Jennifer Baichwal. “mega projects” & truly herculean manufacturing terminals stuffed with humans resembling mechanical equipment arduously assembling endless quantities of largely unnecessary goods for the worlds prodigal profligacy… Continue reading Manufactured Landscapes:

Fat Worm Of Error-pregnant babies pregnant with pregnant babies 12”LP:


Proper mad bollocks from sacred fuck-chops! Where are we? Whacked-out, whacked off & whack-luster? No Wave? Abnorm? or hopelessly Avant-asphyxiated nonsense venerating derailment? I think it’s a four piece? Chick on vocals, a drummer with masses of percussion, guitar & often bass (optimized by a sprawling miscellany of FX pedals & modulators) & of course an assailant on Noise (or what you will). The “Noise” protagonist first then – pedals galore, cassette & reel work, samples & looping & quite feasibly some lap-top, synthesizer or/& Chaos Pad debauchery. Continue reading Fat Worm Of Error-pregnant babies pregnant with pregnant babies 12”LP: