Michael Gregory Jackson – Karmonic Suite LP

MGJ-karmonic suite

A tremendous 1978 hidden (so to speak) recording from enigmatic guitarist, singer & multi-instrumentalist Michael Gregory Jackson & reedist Oliver Lake. Jackson is one of the drollest characters in the, um – Jazz/Avant-Garde arena operating a confusing chameleonic surf between categorically pioneering & highly astute intellectual Jazz innovation, ultra Avant-Garde, JazzFusion, Noise, Improvisation, Pop & R&B. his wildly contrasting history from cutting-edge 70’s New Music vanguard, major stardom, quite obscurity & genre defenestration is a fascinating, rare, unique & as of yet undisclosed (at least fully) page from Jazz history (presuming we can limit the definition to Jazz in this most multifaceted of musicology cases?). Continue reading Michael Gregory Jackson – Karmonic Suite LP

Anthony Braxton – The Complete Braxton 1971 DBL LP

Anthony Braxton-the complete Braxton 71

An excellent, highly balanced equilibrium into one of Braxton’s greatest phases. Through the early 70’s he dispensed a slew of brilliant records for Arista, backed frequently by the awesome finesse from rhythm-section Dave Holland & Barry Altschul, also regularly joined Kenny Wheeler on trumpet. Braxton’s phenomenal technique, smouldering soloing capacity & highly intricate, if not hifalutin, compositional directive is superbly relayed through these eight pieces capturing a snap-shot of his many miens. What does that entail exactly? Continue reading Anthony Braxton – The Complete Braxton 1971 DBL LP

Anthony Braxton – The Montreux/Berlin concerts DBL LP

Anthony Braxton-MBC

This is another of my favourite & most recommended Braxton recordings, scaling a large gamut of his styles from, for me, his greatest period. Bolstered by both George Lewis & Kenny Wheeler, the exceptional double act Barry Altshcul & Dave Holland & on the final splendid piece – The Berlin New Music Group (an Avant-Classical ensemble conducted here by Herr Hummel). Naturally, brilliant performances emerge from everyone, & Braxton himself renders both awesome playing & compositional accomplishment in a toweringly versatile pallet & persona.

Continue reading Anthony Braxton – The Montreux/Berlin concerts DBL LP

Kikanju Baku (drums), Michael Gregory Jackson (electric guitar/FX/pedals), Joseph Daley (tuba/FX) – Endogeny & Exogamy CD 2016


A major maverick eruption & ginormous flouting of rules & conventions! Recorded in July 2015, Endogeny & Exogeny, an entirely improvised excursion with all three musicians never having previously played together & recorded in a single day, severely effloresces the Avant-Jazz, Extreme Improvisation & “Cosmic” tilting genre/terrain to new escarpments. From some of the most drastic, frenzied & chaotic turbulence, to hyper baroque & consistently complex nuances & sensitivities, sprawling space-scapes, foreign-planets & supernatural eco-systems, anomalous Continue reading Kikanju Baku (drums), Michael Gregory Jackson (electric guitar/FX/pedals), Joseph Daley (tuba/FX) – Endogeny & Exogamy CD 2016

Sidetracked – Double 12” LP


A giant flippant & facetious wallop in the gob! This is essentially a digital-Shitnoise compilation with what seems to be an intentionally shabby, self-deprecating, deliberately underachieving pageant of self-immolation & shite-wallowing. There are 56 bands over two 12”LPs, most of which are on some ultra obscurist etchment (i suspect many will never publish outside this comp) that are in the kind of irresistible ruinous garbage of Breakcore, Speedcore, Gabber, Glitch, Mash-Up, Noise, Noisecore & other trashy distorted digital imploding & Ignoramus Dance Music. Continue reading Sidetracked – Double 12” LP

Marion Brown – Afternoon of a Georgia Faun CD


A rare moment of astonishingly daring ostentation. More of this should & should have happened. It’s got to contend for one of the best on paper line-ups ever – Anthony Braxton, Andrew Cyrille, Bennie Maupin, Jeanne Lee, Chick Corea, Gayle Palmoré, William Green, Larry Curtis, Billy Malone & at the crown of it all – Mr Marion Brown himself. Marion presiding over such a session makes the prospect of those figures even more exciting. This was still very much in the nucleus of Marion’s ultra Avant phase (1970). If you don’t already know of his work during this spectrum, he was one of the wildest cards in the deck, & not due to any obvious or straightforward quality or approach but by much more unique means, principles & potencies. Continue reading Marion Brown – Afternoon of a Georgia Faun CD

Illusion Of Safety – Bad Karma CD

Bad Karma

One of the most interesting, accomplished & erudite machinators to exit the Industrial/Noise ambit, Chicago’s Illusion Of Safety have heaped on the heuristic unpredictable interpretations from the late 80’s onwards. An extensive lineage of releases & pioneering has waned only in it’s regularity over these decades, with the projects pilot Dan Burke continuing to spawn totally distinct & irregular uniqueness on a very consistent trajectory. Continue reading Illusion Of Safety – Bad Karma CD

Tani Tabbal – Mixed Motion CD

Tani Tabbal-mixed motion

It’s about time! Veteran drummer Tani Tabbal, most notable for his enduring interplay with Roscoe Mitchell & his Sound Ensemble (along with many other shared recordings) kicks out a six track CD as a band/project leader (preceded by last year’s Wizards by all but a whisker). A man of many deportments, who will leave separate impressions depending on what recording or live performance you have experienced of his, this album does quite a good job of capturing a decent range of his many faces. Continue reading Tani Tabbal – Mixed Motion CD

Meander – Dreaming In Reverse 12” LP

Meander-dreaming in reverse LP

Less low for your res!!! It’s another thrilling sliver to topple your timbers from the top-notch-digital- botch Detroit champion record label. The performer plucked from the circuit-board this time is Meander who were totally unfamiliar to me until this confrontation. This gorgeous four track LP complicates the Breakcore saga with massively expansive & enigmatic expertise. Continue reading Meander – Dreaming In Reverse 12” LP

David Murray, Milford Graves – Real Deal CD:

Real Deal

Here’s a sprawling tumbler of dense & profuse riotous improvisation cascading outta’ conscienceness in furious detail. Milford Graves is a maniac, spry & multi-limbed, sprinting all over the drums with superb disjointed dexterity, asymmetry & propulsion (even on the more tempo-relaxed numbers). Murray slathers this high-velocity motion with plenty of hyper effusive billowing in his own very individualized vocabulary as a saxophonist (he plays on both tenor sax & bass clarinet). Continue reading David Murray, Milford Graves – Real Deal CD: