How Corrupt Is Britain? – Edited by David Whyte

How Corrupt Is Britain (supremely)

Oh my! This is about as power-punch as it’s going to get. The “current climate” is screaming for arbitrations of this kind of antidote to depurate the thoroughly soiled hoax that shambles into ever worsening positions of contortion & contempt that would probably be comical if it were not so catastrophic & cruel.

Just listen to this for god’s sakes…

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Byard Lancaster Unit – Live At Macalester College CD

Byard Lancaster

Byard Lancaster was one bad-ass mothafucker!! An extremely flammable reedman that heaped masses of revolutionary zest, black radicalism & uncompromising spiritual/existential liberational topography into his music. Maybe that’s why we did not hear as much from him as we so obviously should have done? (a-la Clifford Thornton?) That’s another conversation. Here you have six tracks recorded between 1970 & 1973, three of which are live performances at Macalester college. Continue reading Byard Lancaster Unit – Live At Macalester College CD

Capitalism: A Ghost Story – Arundhati Roy

Capitalism-A Ghost Story BY Arundhati Roy

Pure badass! This woman is hard-to-the-core in the best possible sense of the expression. Bereft of any academic dryness or pretention she cuts through like a mythical sabre wielded by a veteran warrior from some ancient fable. Honestly, the first chapter/47 pages of this book have more potency/restorative clarity truth & precision not to mention immaculate critique (the facts generally do that themselves) than half the shit on my shelf (that’s a HELL of a lot kid). Continue reading Capitalism: A Ghost Story – Arundhati Roy

Yosuke Yamashita Trio – Live 1973 CD

Yosuke Yamashita Trio-live 1973

Another supremely powerful modesty-obliterating epicurean fight to the death from some of the maddest amongst madmen –  theYosuke Yamshita Trio. This one has actually only just been released on Jasrac but was captured live during Inspiration & Power Free Jazz Festival in Shinjuku, 1973. These monstrously formidable champions are on peak form & sear a cataclysmic five track set of astonishing intensity with very little refuge offered. Continue reading Yosuke Yamashita Trio – Live 1973 CD

Sunny Murray – An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker) CD

Sunny Murray-never let a sucker

Sunny & the marauders slam another tidal-wave of epidemic outpouring & ecstatic igneous accompanied by less draconian efforts of emotional Free-Jazz in the Avant-Garde & Spiritual vicinities. The four tracks on this CD were smashed out of the legendary 1969 BYG-Actuel sessions.This album falls in behind the incomparable “Sunshine” opus & drafts in bad-man Byrad Lancaster, maniac Kenneth Terroade & the greatMalachi Favors on stand-up bass. Continue reading Sunny Murray – An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker) CD

VA – Reign Of Error – 12 Track Digital Download

Reign Of Error

Getting tasered twelve times down the ear hole! those familiar with Low Res will know of their capacity for near miraculous IDM Spartanship & more novel alcoves & stow-aways in the Electro/Digital/Break linguistic. Not everything here rewires my vein network with copper-chords, but the majority jumps my circuits all but good & some taps the grid something severe leaving the antenna burning & fizzing sparks. Continue reading VA – Reign Of Error – 12 Track Digital Download

Kylie Minoise – Enter Feedback Ninja DBL – CDR

Enter Feedback Ninja_ed

YES! Kylie Minoise then. A Scottish cyclone of psychedelic sluice… that’ll be fraying harsh corrosion & Experimental Industrial asperity with mid-end production (a marvellously balanced equilibrium between lo-fi garbage sincerity & high-end harshness) & often playful proclivity stuffed with abattoir-humour, kitsch-trash pugnacity & transmogrifications of “other” genres – modified molested & mutated then spliced into the baking tray, probably with a good stippling of arcane & obscure samples – all turgescent with distortions of all ilk’s & odds. Continue reading Kylie Minoise – Enter Feedback Ninja DBL – CDR

Melvin Jackson- Funky Skull 12” LP

Melvin Jackson-funky skull LP_ed

Ok! So there’s lots to get excited about here. Firstly – the guys a goddamn crank! 2cndly, the AACM are all up in this! 3rdly ~ a cello/stand-up bass running through a series of pedals & FX stacks! & 4thly – it’s one of those glorious hyper obscure hidden albums that so easily could never of even made it to the pressing chamber (thank goodness this one got through). Let’s start with Melvin Jackson…never heard a’ the lad before. Continue reading Melvin Jackson- Funky Skull 12” LP

Mu – Out Of Breach (Manchester’s Revenge) CD / Afro Finger And Gel CD


Ok, so some kind of artist extrovert from Japan – Mustumi Kanamori aka Mu decides to pitch-deck over to Manchester (or perhaps it’s Sheffield?) in England & link sucker-pads with this dude Maurice Fulton – a poly-instrumentalist/programmer/producer to eject a riotous farrago of digital-dance/disco/funk/garble under the influence of Glitch, discordant Electronica/IDM Experimentalism with scrapings of amateur Hip-Hop, Batucada & Latinesque percussion with moody art-house battleaxe bitch-craft in the scowling Grace Jones emasculation mien kinda’ colliding with hyperactive histrionics & uninhibited incessant theatrics & deliberate over performance! Sounds fun right? Continue reading Mu – Out Of Breach (Manchester’s Revenge) CD / Afro Finger And Gel CD

Yosuke Yamashita – Tenshi No Koukotsu CD

Yosuke Yamashita-tenshi no koukotsu

CRIPES! Messianic maniac pianist Yosuke Yamashita & his strong-arm accomplice drummer Takeo Moriyama wreck an ecstatic hurtling asteroid of incalculably feral chaos & convulsion in the original Yosuke Yamashita Trio set-up that included super Seiichi Nakamura (Akira Sakata had yet to elide with Yosuke & Takeo) on reeds. This truly phenomenal album strays from the Yosuke Yamashita Trio’s standard riveting rampage in two distinct deviations – the onslaught is disrupted/diversified by the inclusion of vocalist Rie Yokoyama on three of the albums five tracks, layering a slow sassy simmering. Continue reading Yosuke Yamashita – Tenshi No Koukotsu CD