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Monumentally Retarded-the burping turds retrospective compilation! CD:

Hilarious big blotch of shite here! 58 tracks at 73 minutes of uniquely US Retardcore & sub-genre shenanigans, like – hissing cassette recorder Spate/sample composites (many from day time TV oblivion) ultra Trash Noise, Garbage Punk/Hardcore/Fastcore/Grind, distortion dross, Gaycore, As Shit As Possible-core, Shitnoise, lo-fi junky moronic malfunctioning tomfoolery, bilge japes & jokes by the gallons, Refuse Rock, scavenged stupor dumpster flea-market swap-meet hijinkery. Continue reading Monumentally Retarded-the burping turds retrospective compilation! CD:

Bollock Swine Discography

Empress Orchids Joobachi Quantum Drive Indictment Committee (Double CD):

BS_Discog (1)Th very first BS recordings/release from 2004. Contracting during an exceedingly ephemeral time frame & a lot of misfortune & inadequacy with conditions & equipment, all contrived preparations disintegrated into extemporaneous experimentation. Th project just self-defined & billowed over-growth through random tangent & entrenched intrepidity. Th main purple cd was generally more blast orientated but with heaps of Abnorm Avant shit slopped on. Th vocals were all overdubbed, mottled & mutated between Donkey, STUK & Yoon Jee, one of Bollock Swine’s most gloriously overwrought & hysterical screamers ever! Th second dragon fruit CD was a one take totally live expulsion with three other girls of varying delusion & inhibition tumbling in a much more Poise-Spore, intensely Psychedelic Avant sonic-mutational fuck-up directive with Grind , Gunk & Breakcore garnish & goodness knows what other infusions swirling through th multi-FX freak-out misshapen melange. This is one of th few recordings featuring Kikanju Baku on a double bass pedal.

Continue reading Bollock Swine Discography