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Roscoe Mitchell Quartet-celebrating Fred Anderson CD:


Another shocker in the girls-locker from exponential inferno megalith Roscoe Mitchell. Very alluring splay of figures in the construct of cello (Tomeko Reid), trap drums (Vincent Davis) & stand-up bass (Junius Paul) pretty much guaranteeing dynamism & a colossal range of climates & forms to roam through.  Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell Quartet-celebrating Fred Anderson CD:

Kero – Firewire Funk 12″ LP

for fucks sakes Detroit! what is it about Detroit? It must be something in the water? I am not referencing that unspeakable mass poisoning shit from Flint – … somewhat a national treasure, with one of the best IDM ground-swells on Earth, Detroit boasts considerable appendage, & at the crux of that is beyond lip-smack LowRes Continue reading Kero – Firewire Funk 12″ LP

Duran Duran Duran – Over Hard CD

Gargling garble from the inner-most psychosis of mechanical anatomies bloated digital organs, one…man? – stands responsible for some of the best, most enthralling, ridiculous & stand-out hard-Breakcore, spastic Glitch, Speedcore speckled extreme IDM what-the-fuckery over the last decade plus –  x3 Duran aka Donna Summer & if I am not utterly in error? – Jason Forrest himself?! Continue reading Duran Duran Duran – Over Hard CD

Tani Tabbal- Triptych CD

Hot-off the inky-bud of last years “Mixed Motion” disk, Tani Tabbal douses more fuel on his growing spate of creative commotions as a leader, producing, for me, the best of his excellent yearly recordings – Triptych. Tabbal is most identified for his long-standing creative/recording partnership with Roscoe Mitchel/Sound Ensemble but has been expounding his releases repertoire with these three recent additions. Triptych esemplasticates traditional, character-rich Bop/Jazz/Blues amalgams with progressive alterities Continue reading Tani Tabbal- Triptych CD

Melanocetus Murray – Megalodon Harsh Tones/Entropy of the Universe (cassette)

Dirty blast-centric Noisegrind from Greece from old-school organism. A big platter of parasite infested lytic dredge from thousands of meters beneath sea-level & belting to boot… the tape comprises two sessions, the best being the A-sides “Entropy Of The Universe” which compacts about twenty-odd trax in an amputorium of bass-distortion fermentation, possibly a guitar? – slow tempo, but fast-picked, Blur-Noise with the occasional D-beat/original Continue reading Melanocetus Murray – Megalodon Harsh Tones/Entropy of the Universe (cassette)

Malad/Chappai Split Cassette

Christ! It’s a Noiscore duo from Ukraine on Blast Beat Worship Tapes! Two lads from Kiev disgracing themselves in the backroom/basement/brothel boutique of backwoods for bench-press. Trash drums & broken-bass …. Unbeknown to most mortals, Ukraine is a secret style-icon/mega-attraction for creative champions on the cusp of art-genius revolution. Not sure that Malad Continue reading Malad/Chappai Split Cassette

Inhalant – Clinical

Texas! 2005! Here skulks a master of atmospherics, a dingy carcass of lo-fi Power Electronics, Death Industrial/Dark Ambient & dishevelled Noise, ravaged by years of open-air exposure & elemental dereliction – Inhalant. Easily one of the classiest practitioners in a genre beset by dog-shit, dumbness & hyper entrenched unoriginality, Inhalant (aka Chad Wicked) strides distinguished with a  subterranean savviness & stand-out artistic quality, without forgoing any of the squalor, brackishness or leer associated with the genres initial ideals. In fact, on his better Continue reading Inhalant – Clinical

Adjust – Omerta CD

Adjust! A veteran colossus of IDM & intense Electro hybridization hurtling out of the Detroit gutter-lining with all cylinders flaring! Those not in the loop better lasso some shit wi’ the quickness! Dance-floor incinerators of charred-Techno-come-Breakcore trespassing on Industrial-Glitch with a heavy flecking of assorted IDM fusions & intersecting digital-dynamism over Electro/Noise mercurial miscreants. This particular release – Omerta – (Adjusts Continue reading Adjust – Omerta CD

Dan Burke & Thomas Demuzio – Upcoming Events CD:

Upcoming Events

A saturnine piece of slithering tenebrae oozing ominous Industrial, Noise, Dark Ambient & Avant Electronics with Field Recording fragments from two old-guard mandarins from the Industrial radix, Dan Burke (Illusion Of Safety) & Thomas Demuzio. We are portioned fifteen tracks, extracted from three live performances that were executed in CA during 2004. Predictably from these experienced heavy-weights, the material is excellent & varied with considerable expertise expended on track-to-track expansion, succession & mood modification. Continue reading Dan Burke & Thomas Demuzio – Upcoming Events CD:

Kero – 2ADVANCD4U 12” LP

Kero LP

It’s that sumbitch’ from Detroit! One of em’ anyway. Actually, there is quite a few, as Detroit is a percolating pluripotent of off-grid awesomeness. They don’t get the reputation that they have so clearly earned, as do other microcosms of musically deviant brilliance such as Chicago, Miami & New Orleans. Anyway, back to the man of Kero. Continue reading Kero – 2ADVANCD4U 12” LP