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Tanya Tagaq-Retribution & Animism CD’s:

Sometimes, being uncompromising as fuck pays off! The success of Tanya Tagaq heralds such an occurrence, one that rarely transpires but always brings a smile to my gob (you don’t have to suck to succeed). She seems to have enthralled the “World Music” spectrum, which is, in regard to some of her construct, very surprising due to the intense darkness & ominous threat much of her music emanates. Continue reading Tanya Tagaq-Retribution & Animism CD’s:

Official Music Team (Kylie Minoise, Grimanlkin555) – acid death CDR ep:

So this is a four track, combined effort, dual dissection between/bestowed by Lea Cummings/Kylie Minoise & his moll Sarah Glass/Grimalkin555. In the rough-shod of remixes & randomations, you end up with just under forty minutes of palette infection (the longest being the 23 minute CDR only bonus blat “the Golden Apples of the Sun”). what is it? tacky tasting (but well-constructed), mega monosodium glutamate Dance trash that’s been hijacked by Noise interventionists….. Continue reading Official Music Team (Kylie Minoise, Grimanlkin555) – acid death CDR ep:

Anodyne/Napalm-Pocket Monster Remixes 7”EP:


Released in 2000 by almost definitely now defunct/deactivated left field Berlin based label Lux Nigra, who specialized in Electro/IDM/Techno related miscellany & felony. If I am not mistaken, these “Pocket Monster Remix” EP’s were a series, but this is the only edition my mitts got their mandibles on. Two candidates saunter-up, Anodyne on side-A, who are great, & Napalm (not the Czech Noise vet “Napalmed”) on the B-side. Continue reading Anodyne/Napalm-Pocket Monster Remixes 7”EP:

Schperrung- ДП CDR:

More from those rogue Ukrainskies! This time in the apparition of Industrial Noise & harsh Noise-Distortion-Rock from Donetsk region, via Kiev & all the way across the Baltic dips! This is a one-man crusade from Ilja Bilga, utilizing vocals (no lyrics, just gibber), raw analogue Noise & brash, horrisonant guitar work. It begins with the gentle lapping of water (apparently sourced from a hydroelectric power plant) before stumbling into unpleasant Industrial irk with half-risible & half-harrowing wales from some chernigiv fugitive washed out of a storm-drain after being savaged by a berehynia. Continue reading Schperrung- ДП CDR:

Monumentally Retarded-the burping turds retrospective compilation! CD:

Hilarious big blotch of shite here! 58 tracks at 73 minutes of uniquely US Retardcore & sub-genre shenanigans, like – hissing cassette recorder Spate/sample composites (many from day time TV oblivion) ultra Trash Noise, Garbage Punk/Hardcore/Fastcore/Grind, distortion dross, Gaycore, As Shit As Possible-core, Shitnoise, lo-fi junky moronic malfunctioning tomfoolery, bilge japes & jokes by the gallons, Refuse Rock, scavenged stupor dumpster flea-market swap-meet hijinkery. Continue reading Monumentally Retarded-the burping turds retrospective compilation! CD:

Fat Worm Of Error-pregnant babies pregnant with pregnant babies 12”LP:


Proper mad bollocks from sacred fuck-chops! Where are we? Whacked-out, whacked off & whack-luster? No Wave? Abnorm? or hopelessly Avant-asphyxiated nonsense venerating derailment? I think it’s a four piece? Chick on vocals, a drummer with masses of percussion, guitar & often bass (optimized by a sprawling miscellany of FX pedals & modulators) & of course an assailant on Noise (or what you will). The “Noise” protagonist first then – pedals galore, cassette & reel work, samples & looping & quite feasibly some lap-top, synthesizer or/& Chaos Pad debauchery. Continue reading Fat Worm Of Error-pregnant babies pregnant with pregnant babies 12”LP:

Roscoe Mitchell Quartet-celebrating Fred Anderson CD:


Another shocker in the girls-locker from exponential inferno megalith Roscoe Mitchell. Very alluring splay of figures in the construct of cello (Tomeko Reid), trap drums (Vincent Davis) & stand-up bass (Junius Paul) pretty much guaranteeing dynamism & a colossal range of climates & forms to roam through.  Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell Quartet-celebrating Fred Anderson CD:

Kero – Firewire Funk 12″ LP

for fucks sakes Detroit! what is it about Detroit? It must be something in the water? I am not referencing that unspeakable mass poisoning shit from Flint – … somewhat a national treasure, with one of the best IDM ground-swells on Earth, Detroit boasts considerable appendage, & at the crux of that is beyond lip-smack LowRes Continue reading Kero – Firewire Funk 12″ LP