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Frackman (documentary) DVD

Doubt you have heard of this (bravo if you have)? If I did not have my talons deep into all ilk of info, I would never of know about this excellent, urgent & coma-conducingly shocking documentary on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Australia myself (it’s appallingly distributed, fantastically marginalized & stifled as the petroleum industry wields extraordinary influence & does not want the truth revealed). Based around ‘accidental activist’ Dayne Pratzky (aka Frackman), the picture presents sweary, pick-up-truck driving, red meat devouring, verging on redneckery ‘out back’ Australians getting absolutely shafted, shat-on & utterly’ utterly fucked-over by a barley believable, outrageously criminal “natural gas” intensive extraction bonanza, facilitated by their own government. Continue reading Frackman (documentary) DVD

The Riot Club-film:

Toffs on the rampage. Based on the play ‘Posh’ by Laura Wade, that I believe is staged (at least in sections) on real life events concerning the Bullingdon Club (renamed here as the Riot Club). Drama & dramatization aside, this is a very’ very important subject that rarely undergoes public attention. The Bullingdon Club is of course a ‘gang’ of Etonians as a semi-secret society that celebrate destructive, excessive, class-based criminality & chronic decadence. this included Boris Johnson, David Cameron & George Osbourne, who are depicted “semi-covertly (wink-wink) in major rolls within the film. Continue reading The Riot Club-film:

Gasland part 2 ( Josh Fox documentary DVD):

Seminal! – in the absolute truest sense of the term. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century, as well as one of it’s greatest conspiracies (still very much playing out). Engineered & pioneered by? yep! – USA (a spot of dejavu in cases of catastrophic new technology & its integration into either market or military appliance). This supreme two hours & five minutes documentary remains one of the most definitive pieces of media/information on the fracking catastrophe. Continue reading Gasland part 2 ( Josh Fox documentary DVD):

Zero Days-DVD:

The Stuxnet virus. A super advanced piece of malware, developed by the US & Israel & launched covertly on the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant, Iran, in 2011 (or there abouts) as the world’s first major “cyber attack” by a nation state (apparently the Israelis went ahead without consent/approval/full knowledge from the Americans). This slick, engrossing, utterly alarming & excellent doc from experienced director (responsible for 2006’s marvelous ‘Enron-the smartest guys in the room’) Alex Gibney, covers the lead-up to the attack, it’s event, the aftermath & the new state of vulnerability in the world (especially it’s more developed/densely industrialized regions), all in stunning detail & immaculate assembly. Continue reading Zero Days-DVD:

Killswitch-the battle to control the internet DVD:

Net Neutrality. Hacktivism. Covert, non-consensual mass surveillance. Big Data/data hording. Information oligopolies/corporate monopolization. The subversion of the internet from a progressive, free, disaggregated, multivalent, creative medium to a commercialized, increasingly corporate, bias & corruptible doppelganger that shits on the founding principles & utilities. Continue reading Killswitch-the battle to control the internet DVD:

What The Health-DVD:

Good god! Kip Anderson & Keegan Kuhn, who produced the staggering Cowspiracy documentary, return with a massively expansive delve into Big Pharma’s colossal collusion with the triggers & instigators of chronic disease (the biggest offender being diabetes). Under the auspices of the US government & food standards directives, citizens are coerced & conned into consuming the very substances that are driving them to ever greater rates of casualty, illness & disease through appalling ubiquity, convenience & wrongful recommendation. Continue reading What The Health-DVD:

If A Tree Falls-a story of the Earth Liberation Front DVD:

Enormously important if somewhat shoddily composed (from a constructive perspective) documentary from Marshall Curry that surfeitly redeems all it’s shortcomings by the looming brilliance of it’s better footage/moments & off the basis of the central subject itself. It covers one of the greatest movements of modern America – the Earth Liberation Front or ELF, a group of ecological activists that took direct action (most notably in large-scale commercial property destruction) against corporate targets with a strict abstinence from the use of violence or infliction of any physical injury. Continue reading If A Tree Falls-a story of the Earth Liberation Front DVD:


One of the grimmest & most despicable subjects is granted one of the most stellar documentations from US director Ava DuVernay. 13th (a reference to the 13th Amendment which prohibits slavery, unless of course you’re a – convicted “criminal”, which then makes it apparently just fine) examines the USA’s screamingly-obscene prison industrial complex (the commercialization, cultivation & profiteering from mass incarceration by private companies & conglomerates) & the racism/racially prejudiced appendage that targets a grossly disproportionate demographic of black & latino people. Continue reading 13th