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Burton Greene Ensemble – Aquariana 12” LP

Burton Greene - Aquariana

An astonishing record! It’s got to be one of the most peculiar that I have come across at the same time as being a total success in it’s own right (not relying purely on it’s rare unusualness for effect). Greene is a cult Jewish pianist/composer & a formidable visionary, precipitating some of the most advanced & daring excavations into deep’ deep Experimental/hyper Avant-Garde surrealism & intensity early in the game. The two albums I have studied from Burton prior to this release (On Tour & Live At The Woodstock Playhouse) both boast extraordinary merit & acute adventurism (especially “On Tour”, which enacted some ridiculously futuristic decorum-smashing techniques & themes for it’s time), but this album is quite something else & is one of my most treasured LP’s. Continue reading Burton Greene Ensemble – Aquariana 12” LP

Archie Shepp – Life at the Donauedchingen Music Festival 12” LP

Archie Shepp-Life_ed

It’s another muscular gut-puncher from Shepp. That irresistible sound of truth, blackness & indignance just charging the fuck through & invigorating everything it scorches. Fulgurating indomitable exhilaration just burning like a volcanic eruption, it’s like a damn purification process, the man just blitzes like a maniac, channelling the soul through the sax like a magician. So many glorious saxophonists, all with their own angle, energies & idiolect, but what is it about Shepp? That strength & style just charging down like some kind of sacred battle-weapon of virtue. I can listen to this shit all day & never get tired. Continue reading Archie Shepp – Life at the Donauedchingen Music Festival 12” LP

Autocracy In The UK – Never Mind The Bullingdon Boys (by Debunk Dudayev)

Decode n’ Debunk deconstruct th daily disinformation & duplicity. 

Autocracy In The UK-Never Mind The Bullingdon Boys (by Debunk Dudayev):

bollocks 1_ed

Whenever a bank tells me to “never mind”, I get a little nervous. Celebrating “Anarchy In The UK”, by a bank, at a time of unsurpassed rabid bank-corporation-financial-sector-nabob-politician related scourge & turbo regressionism, impoverization social cleansing, fatal-austerity & free market extremism does seem a bit like a hit & run driver rubbing the injured pedestrians face in the wreckage of their crushed bike. But then again, perhaps it’s just a rare moment of honesty? As the banks continue to run amok, imperil & wreck-havoc pushing us towards a second “crash” in tandem with their Westminster cronies…oh & the terrorists, narco-moguls, human traffickers, despot regimes & shadow capital big-shots that supply them with so much of their business & wealth.

Anyways, Virgin Money have issued these two new credit cards baring two versions of Sex Pistols cover art & slogans. How you view ostensibly raw street based dissent & rejectionist music/sub-culture now representing croesus conglomerates, consumerism & banking I will leave to yooz lot. But the argument of the ultimate commodification & commercial compromise is so on the table it is the table.  Still, John Lydon has been known to vociferously back Israel whilst chiding the Palestinians, participated in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here & been the mascot for Anchor’s Utterly Butterly range. Like I said, the table.

bollocks 2_ed

The art & words are the same, but the meaning has totally altered. To co-opt & subvert (but exploit the original artistic credibility), like using a piece of kitchen or gardening equipment for a killing (a neutral instrument turned effective murder weapon).  Multiple meanings, hidden or optional, contorted & corrupted. “Never Mind” – accept, acquiesce, submit, do not contest. “mind” – being aware, thinking, being cognizant, analysing & formulating your own ideas, not being duped. “Never Mind”- don’t think, don’t understand, don’t be aware, ignore, supress, neglect.. the perfect victim. It’s the perfect stealth diktat for a credit card. Oblivion, blindness & expenditure. The punk/Sex Pistols addition also garnishes the whole concept/transaction with that slight glaze of “alternative”, tricking the gudgeons into faux non-conformity by way of association. Whatever useless shit you’re paying for, you can feel “punk” about it. drudgery “with attitude”. A fruit pastel for the condemned, some sugar in the slaughter. What a fuckin’ joke! “The Bollocks”- we could interpret this in many ways, but the context makes it so obvious. Spiralling political corruption, a Tory majority poised to inflict five years of total ruination & rape, rapidly expanding poverty, exponential degradation of living standards & quality of life, Westminster & high level establishment paedophile rings & sexual child murdering by MPs, a homeless crisis, a housing crisis, a prisons crisis, a domestic violence/violence against women crisis, a policing crisis, an air pollution crisis, a welfare crisis, an NHS crisis, ongoing austerity (i.e.  acceptable extremism), proliferating plutocracy, hyper privatization & the mass selling-off of public assets at derisible prices to banks & vulture capitalists, deregulation, police state/snoopers charter/surveillance-state incrementation, the big push for Fracking in the UK, the curtailing of Human Rights whilst simultaneously scrambling for greater rights for the already practically invulnerable Corporations through TTIP/TPP etc, ongoing financial crisis, precariousness, malfeasance & recklessness with a second financial crash all but guaranteed & an utterly mad chancellor hell bent on inculcating it as fast as possible….i could go on & on (& I am keeping it basically domestic without straying into the state of the world or the biggest horror of the lot, Climate Catastrophe & the governments total inaction on this existential emergency), but we are basically engirdled with a conglomeration of crisis & calamity of almost unimaginable scale, that’s just increasing. I think we can call this – “The Bollocks” & it needs all of our attentions & priority NOW! of course at Virgin Money they would rather you just whacked it on your credit card & remained docile & abstracted! Consumption is the answer. never mind the bollocks, here’s mindless capitalism to mero-anesthetize your mind, distract & impair, divert & stunt.

bollocks 3_ed

Rebrand banking. Responsible banking, cool banking, hipster friendly banking. Like, your not a yuppie if you have a customized bank card linked to something allegedly edgy. On the advert, Virgin Money proclaim – “The Sex Pistols challenged the established ways of thinking-just as we are doing today in our quest to shake up UK banking.” So help “shake up?” UK banking by getting a customized credit card like a nonce. Again, this entire proclamation is deadly without clarity on which “established ways of thinking” are being targeted?! The psycho demolition freak George Osborne is “shaking up” the economic consensus with his indescribably perverse “Mr Micawber” Economics that he recently unveiled. As if basing your economic strategy in a time of dire emergency on a fictional character from a Charles Dickens novel isn’t a sure sign that this guy should be in a padded cell, SEVENTY SEVEN top economic academics (including Cambridge professor Ha Joon Chang & Thomas Piketty) wrote a joint public letter to the Guardian Newspaper warning that his plans for a “permanent budget surplus”-“have no basis in economics” & are “not fit for the complexity of a modern 21st century economy”. Osborne has been enshrouded by a litany of blaring contradictions, U-turns, repeated dismal failings to meet his own fiscal targets & criteria, utter mismanagement & ignorance to his profession/position & economics along with extraordinary munificence & grovelling servility to the private sector & banks (including refusing to press charges against HSBC when their most recent round of gigantic white-collar criminality was made public) whilst expressing utter parsimony, callousness & extremism to the mass-majority British populous through malicious & insane cuts that continue to increase in there severity, extensity & future duration.

We don’t need a “shake up” in banking. We need to shake banking off! Disaster feigning as solution. Mind the bollocks! & be vigilant, cos’ the vampires & vultures are circling you, your children & future generations & most importantly, the bloody planet we & all life relies on exist.

read Decodes article on the same subject here –   n’ keep y’ dome dirt free!!!

Roscoe Mitchell – Angel City CD

Roscoe Mitchell-angel city

Roscoe Mitchell is on a bit of a roll at the moment! A knock & roll motha*”^#@r!!! he is allied here on this 55.12 minute (one track) live performance at Mills Uni from 2012 by James Fei on tri-saxophones, bass clarinets & analog Electronics) & William Winant on masses of percussion (more in the micro form of bells, gongs, woodblocks, cymbals & a massive gallimaufry of odds & ends). Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell – Angel City CD

Gutturalia XXX (Glaukom Synod)-Tilt! : 1 Sided Cassette

Gutturalia XXX

One-man French Industrial-Machine-Grind-Noise from estranged loner Gab, a long enduring & committed pillar of the Grindcore underbelly. This eleven track cassette from 2012, although definitely not his best is another excellent foray into Synod’s sewer network of murky pitched down Industrial GrindNoiseCyberDeath with IDM influences. Continue reading Gutturalia XXX (Glaukom Synod)-Tilt! : 1 Sided Cassette

Executive Distraction Tasks – Finished with Grind 3” CDR

Executive Distraction Tasks

Astronomical turbo-technical progressive DeathGrind. sodden in secrecy, for reasons that continue to astound me just a little less than they infuriate me, this lost god-particle of seminal British Grindcore-Tech were active from 2004-2009 (this nine track MCD having been recorded in 2008). Describing the bands objective, drummer Elliot Smith (indubitably one of Grinds greatest, also playing with The Afternoon Gentlemen & other groups) writes on the inlay “the sole mission of EDT was to play the silliest music possible”. Continue reading Executive Distraction Tasks – Finished with Grind 3” CDR

Canale 666-s/t CDR

Canale 666

Super novel Italian Noise, Electronic sound-scapery, with a multiplex of scattered randomized incidents compacted into a fifty four minute distention of segmented sonic montage. The man behind the basket-case is Luca Carlozzo, most frequently manifesting his pugnacity in harsh noise maim-dispensary Digital Noise Distortion (DND) spewing out predominantly ultra-limited CDR releases that vary from mundane & typical to legendary bouts of superiority in extreme Stridor destruction. This project/album is clearly inspired & infatuated with Horror movies with masses of samples integrated into the miscellaneous motley. The samples are sometimes verbatim sections, almost like cinematic Field Recordings. Continue reading Canale 666-s/t CDR

Sam Rivers – Dave Holland – Volumes 1 & 2 LP


Two droll editions in the truly awesome & vast Rivers n’ Holland back-catalogue. Both excellent LP’s feature the two laureates rushing through improvisational expanse as a duumvirate with no supporting musicians or percussion throughout the entire session.

Continue reading Sam Rivers – Dave Holland – Volumes 1 & 2 LP

Henry Threadgill/Air – Open Air Suit 12 LP


Aw’ shiiiit! Henry & henchmen really land the haymaker on this super scintillating four track 1978 exposition. Renowned probably most putatively for his acute compositional verve, Threadgill’s cult “Air” trio that conscripted Steve McCall on drums & Fred Hopkins on double-bass pushed beyond the Jazz preserve & much more in to the dense foliation of intense improvisation/Off Road/Out Back yet sagaciously infusing unstable & sporadic structures & preconceived portions. The clashing essemplastication & subsequent ingrowing-oddity of themes coupled with Threadgill’s momentously anomalous approach to song-status & the razor-sharp expertise of his fellow assailants do yield a particularly unique experience.

Continue reading Henry Threadgill/Air – Open Air Suit 12 LP

Brigitte Fontaine – Comme á la radio 12″ LP


& thus, we arrive at Madame Fontaine’s highly heralded second LP as the unofficial leading artist from 69, a collaboration with a juvenile Art Ensemble Of Chicago (& Leo Smith) – Comme Á La Radio. This LP generally seems to be perceived as a de-facto Brigitte Fontaine album, where the Art Ensemble Of Chicago who at that time were based in France & were kicking up quite a shit-storm were hired to perform on about half the tracks on this LP. The liner notes on the LP (going by my trashed n’ tatty original) & it’s title are pleasantly confusing & ambiguous – the cover & spine suggest almost a concept album, simply iterating the album’s title & no particular artist. The back of the LP lists Brigitte Fontaine, Areski (who performs on many of the tracks) with Art Ensemble Of Chicago, which as stated, this time includes Leo Smith & was just prior to long-term drummer Don Moye joining the mob (no full drum-kit is used on this album).

Continue reading Brigitte Fontaine – Comme á la radio 12″ LP